Tween Clothing By R. Lilly Tuckerwear

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No matter where you live, you should know about R. Lilly Tuckerwear.  Offering stylish clothing for girls of the “tween and teen” ilk, R. Lilly is an online teen clothing store to keep in mind.

Visit the online junior fashion shop by RLilly Tuckerwear to find a wide selection of tween clothing and juniors clothing.

RLillyTuckerwear creator Nancy Ganz established the online clothes store due to her experiences in finding clothing for her daughter and her daughter’s friends, then tweens and teens.  Combining the sensible with the chic, Ganz founded a brand that you should discover for yourself.

I’m neither a tween nor a girl nor a clothing expert, but I am pretty good at spotting a good or bad business online – and after reviewing the RLT website, I like what I’ve seen.

I’m also a parent, so I found their “for parents” page nifty – not only were there helpful links for parents of tweens and teen girls, but there was also this comforting message:

“Finding appropriate clothes for [tween girls] can be difficult when so much out there is oriented toward for kids or teenagers. We at R. Lilly care about fostering healthy self-esteem and a positive self-image, and with that in mind have designed clothing specifically for tween girls.”

I think if you’ve got a tween daughter or tween friends, you ought to show the  Lilly site to them.  They might be surprised by the fun styles they’ll find!

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