The ExPat Life in India

I’m asking for input from expats with experience in India, especially from those who have been there for several years.  My interest is in knowing if there have been significant improvements in conditions (sanitation, health care, public services, care for the indigent, etc.) in recent years.  The Associated Press reported on January 29 in an article written by Edith Lederer that “India was the darling of the World Economic Forum this year as it sought new investment.”  India is receiving much of the out-sourcing work moving out of the United States, and several large firms (Dell and Nestle are mentioned in the article) are interested in investing there.  I’m just wondering if the influx of foreign investment is making a difference.

On a slightly different topic, the article mentions that tourism was way up in India.  Good, I say.  Many leery travelers are weak on geography and tend to lump regions together as dangerous or not dangerous when  making vacation plans.  They hear about terrorist attacks and grow afraid of London, Madrid, and Bali.  They hear about conflict and scratch off all of Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro–even Israel and Egypt.  They hear about tsunamis and earthquakes and cross off the entire indian Ocean waterfront.  It’s getting so there isn’t much left that has no black marks on it from a safety standpoint.  So please, tell me, is there anything (specific) to fear in India?

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