Your Comments and Anonymity

I have again received a comment from an anonymous source, and once again I have let it stay because it is pertinent and well-reasoned.  While I prefer for sources to name themselves, I’ll happily accept knowledge from any source.  I must, however, take exception to the suggestion made by Anonymous that all comments should be equally worthy regardless of source.  It was made in reference to visas.  The suggestion was that any seemingly sapient comment should be treated as valid whether from an ambassador or a janitor. 

I sometimes write of issues that arouse emotion.  A comment from a position of known bias may be just as valid as any other in shaping my views, but I, for one, have always been happier to know of the bias when considering the comment.  I refer to several entries I have made on the issue of Hispanic “immigrants” in the U.S. illegally.  It is instructive to me to know whether a news source–or a comment–is pro-reform or simply xenophobic.  This can, in some measure be taken from the name and job title of the source.

ExPat Facts is devoted to telling about life beyond one’s homeland.  I welcome all views, however much I might not share them.  The only comments I won’t tolerate are those tending to incite ill-will or to sell something unrelated to this forum.

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