Health Care Abroad

My attention was recently called (thanks, Easton) to a site telling about upgrades in the telecommunications infrastructure of the healthcare system in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates.

My son was born in Abu Dhabi of the UAE in 1987, and they already had excellent medical facilities at that time.  My wife was initially frightened by the crowd on the ground floor but was soothed by British and British-trained midwives in the Obstretrics area.  The birth went very well, and the care was great.

I’ll describe the scene on the ground floor so that nobody misunderstands.  We weren’t put off by the foreigners–as there were many clients from Pakistan and India–but by the “foreignness” of the place.  We Americans form lines and wait our turn.  Had we waited for a clear place at the receiving window, the baby would have been born in the lobby.  To get to the window, you had to be more aggressive and more threatening, and at times simply stronger, than all others.  It isn’t an admirable method, to our eyes, but it works.

Tell me about your experiences with healthcare abroad.  I have a few more to share.

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