Finding Religion Overseas

or, Finding a Church Overseas

If you’re a church-going practitioner of religion, you’ll want to locate a church, synagogue, mosque, temple, center, or whatever, at your new home overseas.  Most metropolitan areas abroad have English-language religious services.  You can contact other expats before you go, to see if they can offer information. 

Some churches, like the Latter-Day Saints (Mormons), have a world-wide presence and homogeneity of practice and doctrine.  Finding a Mormon church at your destination is as easy as visiting the website and putting in the name of the city into the “Meetinghouse locator”.  For others, a central missionary office might offer help.

I once attended a unique Sunday School class in Germany.  The teacher was German, but also spoke French and English.  The class was made up of travelers and foreigners, like myself, who spoke French, English, and Spanish.  The lesson was taught mostly in German.  Questions were asked in several languages, and answers were given in several languages and translated by class members where necessary.  Each read the Bible passages in his/her native tongue.  It was like the Day of Pentecost!

Actually, attending religious services in the local language is a good way to measure progress in the language.  When you can finally enjoy the sermon and participate in Sunday School, you can congratulate yourself.

I welcome your comments on finding and participating in religious services abroad.

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