Expats in Bolivia Needn't Fear, Says One

Some comments are OK left to their own devices, but one arrived today that I want to highlight.  In reply to my entry of this morning concerning president-elect Evo Morales in Bolivia, a commenter named Eduardo says: “Ex-pats should not be concerned.  All indications are that Morales will be more moderate. In fact, they are trying to attract investment, and will only ask those companies cheating the government and not completing their contracts to leave.  I think it is too easy to lump Morales with leftists of the past.”

I appreciate optimism from any side and hope that things work out as this commenter believes they will.  It is always possible when reading news reports to believe what you read without reference to past events or biases in the media.  (They love a good story, even if they have to help create it.)  As I mentioned this morning, Bolivia has had more than its share of governments.  Maybe this will be a good, sobering shake-up.

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