ExPats, but on the Same Globe

I prepared this entry for a translation blog I write. It seemed appropriate that I duplicate it here.

No matter where you are, you live on a globe that has completed another circuit around the sun and is roughly 10 days past the solstice.  We all share that.  Further, I have become impressed over the years by what languages share and how they reveal that people the world over really are very much alike. Take, for example, the commonality of expressions said at parting:

  • See you later (English): a reassurance and a wish
  • Hasta la vista (Spanish): “Until the sight”
  • Arrivederci (Italian): “Until the (mutual) re-seeing”
  • Do svidanye (Russian): “Until the (mutual) viewing”
  • Auf wiedersehen (German): “Until the further seeing”
  • Lehitraot (Hebrew): “Until the (mutual) seeing”
  • Au revoir (French): “Until re-seeing”

I’d be interested to know if other common expressions for leave-taking mean roughly the same thing–a reassuring conviction to meet again. The Arabs traditionally choose “ma’a salama” (“with peace”), but can also say “nashoofak” (“We’ll see you”) in some dialects. Let me know if others fit the pattern.

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