Expats Among the Palestinians, Hold on Tight

Over the weekend, powerful governments, including the US and Germany, said they won’t offer support to a Hamas-led government unless it shows a more peaceful face.  Everybody’s watching.  It’s as if the sweeping Hamas victory in the elections were a declaration of war.  Israel sees no reason to give money to an opponent, so it will withhold tax and customs funds it has been sharing.

It means harder times in the West Bank and in Gaza, with funding being withheld in mid-project for things that would contribute to better lives.  If you are a Palesintian-American or Palestinian-French, or Palestinian-something, and helped elect Hamas, your solidarity will now be put to the test.  In a democratic process, your elected representatives are supposed to speak your will.  So, be heard.

I’m hopeful that the tension will lead to rapid and serious negotiations that will benefit all.  I’m also hoping that nobody lights a match near this powderkeg.

What’s the feeling on the street?  Do you dual citizens feel like getting out of the way?  Do you foreign service providers feel threatened?

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