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If there’s ever been a business that was tailormade for the readership of ExPatFacts.com, that business is Oasis China Visa Services, a company that specializes in processing many types of China visas. Found at OasisChinaVisa.com, this company is registered in the United States as a branch of Oasis International Travel Corporation. Its main focus is to provide China visas.

Oasis China Visa has all the authorized and approved connections to help facilitate the acquisition of China visas. As their website describes, “The Chineseoasis20china20visa-thumb-8651515 Ministry of Foreign Affairs has authorized Oasis China Visa Services to provide visa processing and mailing services to American citizens and non-American residents in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.” In fact, the China Embassy in Washington DC has formally registered Oasis China Visa Services and has recommended it on their official website.

Types of Visas. You can get every type of China visa that you may need through Oasis China Visa. Here are the main China visas that the company can process:

Great Features of the Website. I like how the website clearly explains the processing times and fees for the various china visas offered, along with convenient payment options, including credit card, money order, personal check, traveler’s check, and company check.

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