ExPatFacts: February 2007 Archives

I was recently searching for expatriate resources on the Internet and came across a helpful resource: Expatriates.com. Billed as “the community website created for and by expatriates and internationally minded people everywhere,” this site focuses on providing bulletin boards, classified ads, and a resource directory of expatriate websites to expatriates around the world.

The classified ads and bulletin boards are purely user-driven tools. I was skeptical at first, but as I looked at these tools, they seem to be legitimate, offering useful ads and announcements, such as jobs, housing, childcare, and language lessons. You can search listings by location (city and country) or by date. You can be seeking for such goods and services, or you can be offering them. It’s all free for users. You can subscribe to their update service, which sends listing updates to your email for free.

All in all, it seems to be a pretty solid site… not very glamorous, but functional and active. What has been your experience with Expatriates.com? Please share by leaving a comment below. 

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