ExPatFacts – Bolivia

While shopping in a flea market in Chile years ago I was surprised to find an 1832 U.S. half dollar.  Then I remembered that all Atlantic-to-Pacific sea traffic had to circumnavigate South America until the Panama Canal was opened in 1914.  Remnants of far-off societies can still be found all along the coasts.  This episode raises the question: what odd and unexpected things have you found overseas in your expat experience?

I have been surprised by: Mennonites on the Pampa, German colonies in Chile, Italian colonists in Argentina, Palestinian settlers in Mexico, bookstores in Istanbul filled with antique books in English, warm winters (relatively speaking) on Vancouver Island in Canada, the amazing history of Malta, Spanish-speaking Jews from the Netherlands, bagpipes in Galicia, and more.  These are things they don’t tell you about in school, or even in special area orientation classes.  Please share your discoveries.

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