ExPat Brides

This entry is prompted by an article on the 60th anniversary of the World War II “War Brides Operation” that brought tens of thousands of British brides to America.  What I’m wondering is, how successful are the many mail-order bride sites out there?  A woman changing countries to become a bride isn’t an expat, she’s an intending immigrant, and therein lies the question.  How many aren’t intending to stay?  How many take the money and bail out?

Understand that I’m not suggesting the whole “industry” is bogus or that all mail-order brides are golddiggers.  I’m as interested in success stories as I am in the failures.  In fact, reports of successes would disprove my assumption that such marriages are likely to fail.  Why?  Language differences, cultural differences, religious differences, every other kind of differences, and the fact that the husband and wife don’t know each other!

Personally, I don’t know any mail-order marriages, working or not.  The sites I see offering sexy brides seem more intended as soft porn or sex trade sites than as matchmakers.  Otherwise, they might say something about intellect, personal interests, life experience, etc.  Am I wrong on this?

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