Ex Pat Facts – A Discussion among Expatriates

Here at Ex Pat Facts, we will discuss all kinds of professional services available to expatriates (those who are living outside of their home country).  We invite you to share your expatriate experiences, good and bad, with us as we all develop a fantastic Web resource for those who are now (or are planning to become) expatriate citizens.

Have you ever had to look for a doctor while away from your homeland?  Where do you send your kids for school? How do you handle foreign VAT taxes or your own income taxes? Where can you buy peanut butter and Mexican food?  Overseas, such simple tasks become difficult.  We’ll talk about ways to find expatriate services such as health care, consumer products, travel agencies, housing and education.  (Not to mention moving!)

But that’s not all.  Living far away from home can be extremely stressful, so we will address ways to make the expatriate experience a “home away from home.”  We’ll talk about learning foreign languages, creating a new community to belong to, adjusting to new cultural practices, figuring out the local currency, fighting homesickness, and many other such topics.

Welcome to Ex Pat Facts.  We hope you will share your own expatriate facts and insights with us!

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